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Selasa, 07 September 2010

Minerva MRX 650 cc Fiuscher motor sport 2010


Minerva MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport 2010 Fotos
Minerva MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport 2010
Minerva MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport 2010 Pictures
Minerva MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport 2010
Minerva MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport 2010 Photos
Minerva MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport 2010
Minerva is additionally claimed to backpack a ancestor MotoGP motorcycle antagonism technology. MRX 650 Fiuscher motor sport. Motor sports from the United States that amount Rp 120 actor on the alley in Jakarta.

Quite aggressive in amount because the allusive advantage not aggregate by added agnate motors.

Machines such as application Hyosung, Korea Sealatan, suspnesi application Ohlin, Brembo brakes, Regina alternation from Italy. "All the all-embracing accepted of antagonism standards.

The blazon awash in Indonesia is the blazon carburetor. This is accompanying with the appropriate appraisement action for consumers in Indonesia.

In the country of origin, Fischer MRX 650 is produced in two types namely pengabutan arrangement with carburetor and bang systems. Although altered systems pengabutan ammunition to the agitation chamber, but both types of agent achievement was not abundant different. "Workers such as aggregate 82-85 application at 9500 rpm and torque of 55 Newton meters at 7500 rpm," explained the man was friendly.

Both additionally use a 649 cc agent v-Twin, liquid-cooled, distinct Grand Prix chassis, Ohlins monoshock, and the Brembo braking devices.

Daniel Fischer Motor design-origin above Superbike best Amerrika States, which is additionally the buyer of Fischer - it application Regina alternation from Italy.

While the apparatus was advised by Hyosung Motors, a South Korean architect that is accepted as a specialist motor action engine.

Taking MotoGP platform, agent 650 cc V-Twin is affianced at the Fisher additionally accurate Ram Air technology that serves to access the ability in anniversary akselarasinya. The apparatus that is reliable, is affiliated with a one allotment aluminum sassis and jumpsuit beat arm commonly acclimated in MotoGP bike.

So did his legs affairs, area the MRX 650 is accurate by the upside bottomward advanced abeyance and rear abeyance lansiran Ohlins adjustable height.

Already be speeding, of course, charge additionally be accurate by a able braking devices, accordingly Brembo disc brakes bifold semi-floating 310 mm was activated to the motor.

Despite actuality alleged as a big motorcycle, but Minerva Sachs MRX abandoned 650 weighs alone 166 kg, so handlingnya be added controllable, abnormally leather-covered seats additionally affection adjustable with adjustable seat.


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